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A Message From Our Founder

To Serve and Protect…never have those words meant more to me than right now.  June 2008 was the start of my dedication to fulfilling this mission.  Being sworn in as a Police Officer allowed me to make a dream a reality.  That reality was tested beyond humanistic depths when I responded to the call at Pulse Night Club massacre.  Many of us have risen from this horrific tragedy and we have become more focused, stronger, and committed to not letting tragedy define us.  Through our combined efforts at the National Victims Support Network we will work tirelessly to bring hope to all impacted by tragic events.

The National Victims Support Network was founded to give strength and hope through the journey of healing.  The experience of tragedy subjects us to merciless acts of violence and exposes us to unimaginable depths of darkness.  It is the mission of NVSN to provide support, strength, and resources to individuals and communities impacted by these tragic events.

Welcome to the National Victims Support Network.


Omar D. Delgado

Founder / Executive Director

Meet the Team

The team is made up of victims of mass tragedies and other disasters and concerned citizens,  who have come together to bring their experience to help other victims and survivors.

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In need of help?

If you have been a victim of a crime email us at or call us at (202) 864-4499.