Neyza Head shot square

Neyza Melecio


Neyza was born in Chicago, IL and moved to San Bernardino, CA where she met her husband.  She has since returned to Chicago to raise her children near her family.  Neyza is very family focused and enjoys watching her children grow up to be strong, capable, healthy and loving.

Neyza has worked in the customer service industry since 1997.  She has been an office assistant for a non-profit organization, a call center representative and now works in the distribution and delivery department for a small business, Jeanie’s Flan.

Committed to helping others, Neyza looks forward to increasing her involvement in any way she can.  She considers herself blessed to have met many inspirational people and survivors of mass tragedies.  She believes it is her calling to continue to find ways to support others and through her position with the NVSN she hopes to make a difference.